Ski president slams “god-like” FIFA

International Ski Federation (FIS) president Gian Franco Kasper has likened FIFA officials as god-like, following their willingness to re-schedule the 2022 Qatar World Cup from summer to winter.

The proposed winter move could clash with other sporting events, with the winter Olympics usually taking place in February and the European domestic football leagues continuing during the winter season.

Kasper said, according to AAP: "I honestly and privately just don't believe that anybody within FIFA cares about us. They're the gods of the world – at least they believe it – they can do whatever they want. Now we are opposing it of course as much as we can.

"If they would decide to have the [2022 FIFA World Cup] in November, eventually even December, we could live with it. We of course we would be 100 per cent opposed if they try to do it in January. And to have them as some people believe during the winter [Olympic] Games as such, I think that would be killing the sport."

FIFA has postponed its decision on a switch from summer to winter until after next year's World Cup in Brazil.