Singapore drives new event

The Tour has signed a sanction agreement with the World Sport Group for them to promote what will be the Tour’s flagship event in Singapore and has invited the European Tour to co-sanction the event.

Said Asian Tour chief executive Louis Martin: “This is exciting news for the Asian Tour and I would like to thank the World Sport Group for its initiative to promote a new event which the Tour is confident will be world-class.

“The Asian Tour was established in Singapore in January this year with the aim of safeguarding and enhancing the careers of the region’s players. An important part of this strategy is to offer our players the opportunity to develop their skills through playing in competitions on other Tours. Co-sanctioning with the European Tour has provided our players with this opportunity in the past and we would like to continue to provide our players with this opportunity in the future.”

Martin categorically refuted any suggestion that Parallel Media Group’s Asian Series was sanctioned by the Asian Tour or that it had agreed to any linking of these events to the Asian Tour schedule.

Added Martin: “The Asian Tour currently has no sanction agreements in place with Parallel Media or its subsidiaries. Our players have stated that they will not participate in any events promoted by Parallel Media in Asia, unless they agree to enter into arrangements with the Asian Tour on terms that protect and promote the interests of the players.”