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Simplicty Esports signs Flamengo sponsorship with Redragon

(Photo by Wojciech Wandzel/Riot Games Inc. via Getty Images)

Brazilian sports club Flamengo’s esports team has been bolstered by the sponsorship of global computer and gaming equipment manufacturer, Redragon.

The contract was signed between Simplicity Esports and Gaming Company, which manages multiple esports teams, including Flamengo and Eastern Times Technology, the company that owns Redragon.

The deal will afford the brand a presence on the sleeve of the team’s kit and will run for the remainder of 2020.

It joins a growing portfolio of sponsors for Flamengo’s esports team which includes gaming streaming platform Twitch.

The team competes in Brazil’s premier League of Legends competition, CBLoL.

Simiplicty Esports competes and streams across various games and genres, including multiple EA Sports titles, League of Legends and Overwatch.

Recently, the company secured a $500,000 (€463,000) investment from student-run fund manager, Triton Sports as it seeks to build towards owning a franchise team in the CBLol.

Riot Games, which runs the league, recently announced plans to franchise its teams by 2021.

The chief executive of Simplicity Esports, Jed Kaplan, explained the crucial role sponsorship will play in this process.

He said: “Riot’s announcement of franchising in Brazil validates our business plan of fielding a winning team and laying the operational foundation for owning a franchise spot in CBLoL in 2021.”

“As part of the operational foundation, we have begun generating revenue by selling corporate sponsorships to companies that desire to reach our vast audience of Flamengo Esports and Simplicity Esports fans.”