Sevilla launch three academies in US to further American push

Spanish football club Sevilla this week launched three US academies to further push their brand in the North American market.

Two academies were unveiled in Newark, New Jersey, and one in Miami, in partnership with HF International Inc. More are planned in the US, including on the West Coast.

The club believes its success in bringing youth players through to its first team, such as Spain international Jesús Navas, will encourage US children to take part and, hopefully, become lifelong Sevilla fans.

Sevilla is also planning to bring the first team to the US for summer friendlies and youth teams for international tournaments to bring the club closer to their American fanbase.

“We are offering our know-how in how Sevilla FC’s teams train, we aim to provide our knowledge and technique. Maybe we can bring in new players and new talent but our aim is to create new Sevilla FC fans here and around the globe,” Sevilla president José Castro Carmona told SportBusiness.

“We have many examples of bringing talented players from the grassroots to the first team and then going to the World Cup and we know this methodology and technique is something we can provide to the US market to create a difference between us and clubs like Barcelona and Real Madrid.

“[These academies] are part of a strategy to expand the Sevilla FC brand in the United States and will enable us to have further potential conversations with brands [such as kit supplier Nike].”

Sevilla have been given assistance in their efforts by Relevent Sports, which recently signed a 15-year joint-venture partnership with LaLiga to grow the league in North America.

“Sevilla have been working on these academies for a while. We are stepping in to further grow them and help [the club] where we can,” said Boris Gartner, the LaLiga North America chief executive.

“We know that the bigger clubs such as Barcelona and Real Madrid don’t need that much help but there is another set of high-quality teams that have a potential audience here that we will further develop. We are providing clubs like Sevilla opportunities for growth and development, such as commercial opportunities and fan engagement.”