Sài Gòn FC, Tokyo FC to build academy in Vietnam

(Image Credit: Saigon FC)

V. League 1 football club Sài Gòn FC and J.League club Tokyo FC have signed an agreement to establish a training academy in Vietnam.

According to Vietnamese media, apart from scouting and training football talent in Vietnam, the two clubs said they would pursue the broader aim of promoting mutual understanding and economic ties between the two countries.

Koji Ishii, the international business director of Tokyo FC, said: “The first thing we will do is help Sài Gòn FC develop and build a football academy. Second is making an economic and cultural bridge through football. This will be a chance for enterprises of both countries to cooperate.”

Sài Gòn FC president Vu Tien Thanh said: “Japanese football is advanced and similar in the style of play as Vietnamese football, with emphasis on skill, possession and flexible team work. Therefore Vietnamese players will easily adapt and absorb the way they play football. That’s why we want to partner up with Tokyo FC to improve our players in particular and young Vietnamese players in general.”