Real Madrid officially announces plans for women’s team from 2020

Real Madrid has confirmed that it will launch a professional women’s football team from the start of the 2020-21 season after acquiring local side Club Déportivo Tacón.

Earlier this week, SportBusiness Professional reported that Real had struck a deal to purchase the women’s football team, based in the Hortaleza district of the city, for a fee of around €400,000 ($455,000). It has now been announced that the merger of the two clubs will become effective on July 1, 2020.

It was previously believed that Tacón would become the official Real Madrid women’s team from the start of the forthcoming season, but a statement released by the club yesterday (Tuesday) has revealed that CD Tacón will play under its existing name in the 2019-20 LaLiga Femenina Iberdrola season, before being absorbed into Real Madrid in time for 2020-21. It will, however, play its home fixtures at the Ciudad Real Madrid facility starting immediately.

The delay is due to Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) regulations stating that all mergers or takeovers of one club by another  “require the agreement…of their respective General Assemblies and can only be formalised at the end of a season, so that it will be valid from the following one”. Real has chosen to wait until 2020 to launch their women’s team rather than rush through the purchase of Tacón in time for next season. 

According to Madrid-based daily Marca, the project was led by Real president Florentino Pérez. Other Real directors had reportedly favoured starting a women’s team from scratch, but have now all agreed and ratified the move to absorb CD Tacón.

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