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Chelsea hope to claim a sum reported at £8 million from Mutu’s new club Juventus who he joined in January on a free transfer after being sacked by the London club which paid Parma £15.8 million for his services. He is still banned.
A Premier League appeals committee ruled that Mutu had unilaterally breached his contract by taking cocaine and that the club had the right to fire him.
The appeals committee concluded: “The conduct of the player in taking banned drugs was gross misconduct, which entitled the club to treat the player’s contract as at an end and amounted to a unilateral breach without just cause or sporting just cause. The club is therefore entitled to proceed to seek compensation and sporting sanctions.”

Sports lawyers are pouring over the implications even before Chelsea takes the case to FIFA’s dispute resolution panel.

But Mutu, interviewed for a Romanian newspaper, believes the decision allowing his former club Chelsea to seek compensation from him has set a dangerous precedent.

“This may create a dangerous precedent, with consequences for all soccer players Pro Sport quoted Mutu as saying on Thursday.

“Employers might fire anyone, anywhere and ask damages for different reasons.

“You wonder how I feel?” Mutu said. “I feel as anyone would if they were in my place and asked to pay Euros 11.5 million. Now, I expect anything (the worst) to happen to me.”