Premier League and Chinese Super League sign memorandum of cooperation

The English Premier League has signed a memorandum of cooperation with its Chinese equivalent the Chinese Super League.

The deal, which was signed with the Chinese Football Association (CFA) in Shanghai, will see the two leagues collaborate on youth training, coach development, referee training and competition development as well as the promotion of both leagues and other league development areas.

Under the terms of the deal, a group of youth coaches from China will visit the UK to attend a two-week training course and examine the youth training programmes at several Premier League clubs to learn best practice. Similarly, the Premier League will send three experts to visit eight Chinese Super League clubs this November to improve the current Chinese youth training system.

In addition, the English Premier League will also provide consultancy on strategies for the Chinese Super League. In return, the CFA and the Chinese Super League will provide assistance to the Premier League and its clubs regarding the organising of competitions and marketing activities in China.