PGA denies European Tour takeover

Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) Tour commissioner Tim Finchem has denied reports that the organisation has bid to purchase the European Tour.

It had been reported that golfers of the European Tour were frustrated with the lack of playing and financial opportunity compared to that of the PGA Tour, thus prompting an alleged bid from the American counterpart.

Finchem said: "Certain news reports today have indicated that the PGA Tour has made an offer to acquire the European Tour. Those reports are inaccurate. However, as I have stated publicly on several occasions, the integration of professional golf can create additional value for our players, sponsors and fans.

"Such integration has been ongoing since 1994, with the founding of the International Federation of PGA Tours, and has led to the establishment of the World Golf Championships in 1999 as well as the World Cup as a Federation-sanctioned event.”