Opel ‘the most successful soccer sponsor’

In the Football Monitor study, Sport+ Markt found that over 70 percent of Germans questioned knew that Opel was the sponsor of Bayern Munich, almost 20 percent more than the number of people in the UK recognising that Vodafone is the sponsor of Manchester United.
The survey, which was completed before Bayern Munich won the European Championships, also showed that Opel has pan-European influence. Up to 20 percent of the French population, ten percent of the Spanish and nine percent of the British knew that Opel sponsored Bayern Munich.
Opel’s sponsorship of Paris St. Germain was recognised by nearly a third of French people and a fifth of French people questioned for the review. And its sponsorship of Italian club AC Milan was known by over 40 percent of Italians, 20 percent of Germans and over 10 percent of French.
“Opel has been sponsoring Bayern Munich, Milan and Paris St. Germain for over a decade so it is not surprising that it is recognised as the sponsors of these leading teams,” Andrew Walsh, spokesperson for Sport + Markt, told sportbusiness.com. “Vodafone, which came second on the list of brand recognition, has only been sponsoring Manchester United for a year and because of this it should be pleased that over 50 percent of people in the UK know it sponsors the team.”
But outside of the UK, less than five percent of people in Germany, Spain and France knew that the Vodafone logo is displayed on all Manchester United shirts.
Hartmut Zastrow, executive director of Sport+ Markt, said the Football Monitor showed how powerful sponsorship can be. “Sponsorship is better than advertising. It is the oil that helps make advertising work,” he said.