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Notre Dame college football sell-out streak coming to an end at 273 games

Notre Dame college football fans (Credit: Getty Images)

The University of Notre Dame’s sell-out streak for its college football games at the 77,622-capacity Notre Dame Stadium is expected to come to an end this weekend after a 273-game run that stretches back to 1973.

It is the second-longest sell-out streak in NCAA history, with the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s still-active run of 373 games top of the list.

Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick revealed that Saturday’s game against Navy will not be a sell out based on ticket sales through Wednesday. This, he said, is in large part because there are three home games this month – against Virginia Tech, Navy, Boston College – in traditionally low temperatures in South Bend, Indiana. Notre Dame usually has just one home game in November.

“It was never sort of important to me to keep it alive, but I understand why other people thought so,” said Swarbrick. “It’s a point of distinction to a lot of people and our fans.

“For me it’s always been: What’s the stadium environment like? Are we creating a great environment for our team and for our student-athletes? That you can say it’s also sold out is sort of a byproduct of that.

“But if my choice is (77,622) people in an environment that’s not really good versus 75,000 in a raucous environment, I’ll take the latter every time.”