NISA, a new American Pro Soccer League launches

The National Independent Soccer Association announced on Tuesday it had applied for Division III men’s pro league sanctioning with the US Soccer Federation. The league intends to begin play in August 2019 with a minimum of eight teams. NISA envisions itself as a league that ties together independent clubs in a model that is different from the franchised-based one the rival United Soccer League sells.

“NISA’s application meets or exceeds all Federation standards. There are currently no sanctioned Division III Leagues in American soccer,” the league stated in a press release. USL has also applied to US Soccer to run a Division III men’s league beginning in 2019. USL currently runs a Division II men’s pro league.

The NISA league is understood to have a diverse geographic footprint including clubs in California, the Midwest and Northeast of the United States. NISA will announce the participating clubs in the coming weeks.