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NHL plans esports tie-in for All-Star weekend

The NHL has announced that it will host a major esports event during its All-Star weekend as it continues to target a younger demographic through videogames.

The ‘House of CHEL’ – named after the colloquial nickname for EA Sports’ NHL series of games – will see active hockey players and gamers compete and create content in a mansion in Palo Alto, California, with videos available to watch on streaming platform Twitch.

According to the Esports Observer, several of the NHL’s commercial partners have already expressed an interest in activating alongside the event.

Minnesota Wild right winger JT Brown is among the professional NHL players involved. Brown has his own Twitch channel and frequently streams himself playing games on the platform. “This is something that I think can be huge for NHL19,” said Brown.

The NHL launched its previous foray into esports with the 2018 NHL Gaming World Championship.