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NFL owners concerned about viability of Chargers in LA

The Chargers’ struggles to gain a foothold in Los Angeles after moving from San Diego last year have got the NFL worried. The team’s viability in the market was discussed at this week’s league meetings, says ESPN reporter Seth Wickersham:

The Chargers have reportedly struggled to sell personal seat licenses for their new stadium in Inglewood – which they will share with the Rams – and are likely to downgrade their initial revenue targets from $400m (€347m) to $150m as a result.

On Wednesday, the Chargers announced prices for about 75 per cent of their tickets for the new stadium when it opens in 2020. More than 26,000 seats will be priced between $50 and $90 per game, while the seat-license fee is $100, low by NFL standards.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell addressed the issue this week. “Lots of football, lots of building still to do,” Goodell said. “And frankly, we were out of the market for a long time, and we have to earn our way back with our fans.

“We have to build that relationship back with our fans and make sure that we do it right. It will be something that we have to work at over a period of time.”

By contrast, the Rams, who also recently moved to Los Angeles (from St Louis), have fared much better. The Chargers are last in the NFL with an average attendance of 25,370 per game, while the Rams are 14th with an average of 69,163.