NBA to allow fans to watch fourth quarter for $1.99

After testing micropayments late last season, the NBA has officially announced that it will allow fans to purchase portions of in-progress games this coming campaign.

The price initially will be $1.99 for the fourth quarter of out-of-market games on League Pass only. The league plans to expand this initiative to by-the-quarter offerings and eventually 10-minute packages of real time.

“It’s a big moment, but it’s also a small first step,” NBA commissioner Adam Silver told ESPN. “There are limitations in the technology right now, but we’re working as quickly as possible so that, at some point in the near future, fans can choose to buy any part of any game.”

These micropayments are likely to be an important new revenue stream for the NBA in the new sports betting landscape, in which gamblers may be more inclined just to see a portion of a game to see if they have won their bet.

Silver – who spoke to SportBusiness earlier this year about the initiative – added that price points could be changed based on the strength of the match-up “just like our teams do with their tickets”.

The initiative is available on Turner’s B/R Live streaming service, and the NBA app.