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NBA sets all-time sellout record

The NBA says it has broken its record for attendance for the fifth year in succession, with 760 sold-out games during the recently-completed 2018-19 regular season. A press statement by the league indicated that it also achieved 95 per cent or more of arena capacity for the second consecutive season.

This season’s total attendance was the fourth highest in NBA history. Last season, the league set a record with a total of 22,124,559 in attendance. This year the league drew 21,964,447 fans. This season however, the league had 141,000 fewer available seats.

In addition to the attendance record, sales at the NBA Store were up 10 per cent while subscriptions to NBA League Pass were up 21 per cent over last season’s record. This season, NBA League Pass introduced a variety of new offerings, including options to purchase a single game at reduced prices after each quarter and the launch of NBA 10-Minute Pass, which provides 10 minutes of real-time access to NBA League Pass for $0.99.

The NBA said had also shattered its previous social media marks. The league recorded 918 million actions, up 14 per cent from last season and 11.5 billion total video views, up five per cent. Both numbers broke the records set last season.