The Namibian government’s Sports Commission on Monday barred the national side from completing its remaining three fixtures in a South African domestic competition it had been using for World Cup preparation.

The ban was imposed as the commission lost patience with the Namibian Rugby Union (NRU). They had been called in by non-white rugby clubs who were angry at what they claimed were the racist attitudes of the union.

“As it stands with the embargo in place the World Cup is actually in jeopardy unless something very serious happens,” commission chairman Karl Persendt said.

“We have had a lot of verbal promises and written agreements from the NRU but there is just no implementation.”

Last week the commission ordered the union to field six black players in its representative side, the Kudus, in South Africa’s Vodacom Cup.

It also had to suspend its national club league and join representatives of the non-white clubs on an independently chaired “task force” to resolve the problems within the game.

However Persendt said the NRU had flouted the agreement by deciding to award points in “friendly” club matches at a later date and by imposing the quota system on a squad of 26 rather than a team of 15.