Murray Neto quits as Brazilian Olympic Committee ethics council chair

Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB) president Paulo Wanderley Teixeira speaks during 2017 Brazil Olympics Awards (Photo by Bruna Prado/Getty Images)

Alberto Murray Neto, the outspoken Brazilian lawyer and Olympic sports administrator, has resigned as the chairman of the ethics council at the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB).

Murray Neto has been replaced as chair by Sami Arap, the former president of the Brazilian Rugby Federation (CBR) and an existing member of the five-person COB ethics council.

Announcing his departure, Murray Neto said that he strongly disagrees with the way in which Paulo Wanderley, the COB president, led “the change of by-laws, which led to major setbacks in governance and ethics”.

He said: “My struggle for ethics in the Olympic sport left me no other option.”

Murray Neto, who has been a long-time whistleblower on corruption in Brazilian Olympic sport, has been chair of the ethics council for nearly two years.

He came on board following the resignation of former COB president Carlos Nuzman, who is now on trial over corruption charges relating to Rio de Janeiro’s hosting of the 2016 Olympic Games.

Murray Neto cited the handling of an investigation into the alleged fraud in the COB’s procurement of IT contracts among his reasons for stepping down.

He said: “I do not negotiate my principles, in my lawyer life and in my sports life, since I was an athlete.”