MLB owners losing patience with Rays stadium saga

Major League Baseball (MLB) franchise owners are reportedly unhappy with the revenue-sharing agreement currently forcing them to support the Tampa Bay Rays team.

Under the league's revenue-sharing initiative, franchises that are financially struggling with stadium development and low fan attendances can potentially receive millions of dollars from more economically-stable clubs.

After a long period of poor attendance, the Rays want to research possible new stadium sites in Tampa and St. Petersburg. However, earlier this month MLB commissioner Bud Selig said the league may have to intervene, following Rays owner Stuart Sternberg giving him a discouraging progress update.

Tampa Bay Partnership chairman Chuck Sykes said, according to the Tampa Bay Times: "Bud’s a very patient guy with these things, but [other team owners] are not happy with the situation…because if you think about it, the thing right now that's really sustaining the team is revenue-sharing.

"I wouldn't get a false sense of security to say that there isn't real money behind this revenue-sharing that would cause somebody to eventually say, 'Time's up. I've had enough'".