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MLB opens regional office in New Delhi

Major League Baseball is expanding its international outreach by opening a regional office in New Delhi, India. It is MLB’s sixth overseas office.

To help engage with local fans, convert cricket players to baseball, and grow overall participation in the sport, the league will introduce MLB First Pitch – a grassroots program already being used to promote baseball in Mexico and China – in 300 primary schools across New Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai.

This will be done in partnership with India On Track, a leading sports management, marketing and development company.

Last month, Karan Patel – a pitcher from the University of Texas at San Antonio – became the first player of Indian origin or descent to be selected in the MLB Draft when he was chosen by the Chicago White Sox in the seventh round.

Last weekend, MLB began its push into Europe by staging a two-game series between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox at the London Stadium.

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