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MLB hiphop campaign targeting millennials in China a success

A Major League Baseball (MLB) content campaign targeting youngsters and millennials in China has generated over 13 million video views on the Douyin platform in just two days.

The league launched the “MLB Perfect Pitch 2019 Hip Hop Challenge” in late June. Headlined by “Viho” Yang Wenhao, a popular hip-hop dancer in China, it invited users to mimic his baseball-inspired dance moves on the Douyin video platform. Six participants will be picked by Yang for a final event, with the winner going to the United States to perform at the start of the MLB baseball season.

Within two days of the campaign launch, total video views on the Douyin platform stood at over 13 million, while page views on the Weibo platform stood at two million. Other social influencers taking part in the challenge served to raise its online popularity.

Douyin (which also has a variant named Tiktok for audiences outside China) is an app enjoyed by over 500-million users. It is based around user-posted videos with music that are 15 seconds in duration, but which can be strung together to make 60-second “stories.” Showing off dance and sports skills is very popular for both content creators and consumers on the platform.