MLB Advanced Media sued by sports technology company

SportsMedia Technology has filed a lawsuit against the MLB Advanced Media division of North America’s Major League Baseball for allegedly reneging on a deal between the two parties.

The Reuters news agency states that SMT has filed a 92-page lawsuit against MLBAM which claims patent infringement, theft of trade secrets and breach of contract.

The lawsuit revolves around a three-year deal MLBAM signed with Sportvision, which was acquired by SMT in 2016. The agreement allowed MLB Advanced Media to use Sportvision’s exclusive Pitchf/x pitch-tracking system.

SMT has claimed that MLB Advanced Media has not honoured this agreement and has instead sought third parties to provide similar services. According to Reuters, the suit also alleges that MLB Advanced Media refused to carry out its contractual obligations and misappropriated its patented technology.

SMT said in its legal papers: “Over its 30-year history, SMT has never encountered an executive leader(ship) of a major US sports league behaving as if the rules of civility, professional conduct, US contract law and US patent law did not apply to their actions and behaviour.”