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Mariners honor original history with new rooftop bar

Major League Baseball’s Seattle Mariners are the latest team to develop a new social gathering space at their home ballpark, creating the new Trident Deck at T-Mobile Park.

The new space in the ballpark’s upper left field area was previously the Lookout Landing. But it is now being repurposed and renovated into the new gathering area that will celebrate the club’s original history and logo.

The Trident Deck is named for the stylized trident “M” that formed the team’s cap logo from their 1977 formation until 1986, and seeks to tie into the nautical culture of the nearby Puget Sound. The new space will also feature the club’s original royal blue and gold color scheme, and feature photos and other decor from the early Mariners era.

Though that era comprised of mostly losing for the Mariners following their arrival as an MLB expansion club, the trident logo remains popular with fans.

The Mariners will employ an augmented reality experience that will be usable from the Trident Deck. For example, pointing a smartphone toward the neighboring CenturyLink Field, home of the National Football League’s Seattle Seahawks, will generate a historical image of the Kingdome, which both teams shared for more than two decades.

The Trident Deck will be sold for groups of 75-150 people, with ticket prices starting at $95 that is inclusive of food and beverage. When not in use for group events, the space will be open to all ticketed fans.

The effort extends a fast-growing trend among MLB clubs to develop new social and standing-room spaces. The New York Yankees earlier this week unveiled similar plans to create two new areas at Yankee Stadium. The Mariners’ new space is also part of previously announced plans to spend nearly $30m in offseason upgrades to T-Mobile Park.

“We’ve taken an under-utilized space and turned it into a social gathering space that combines a modern rooftop bar with the feel of a cozy backyard,” said Kevin Martinez, Mariners senior vice president of marketing and communications.

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