Maltock confirmed as permanent OFC chief

Lambert Maltock has been confirmed as the permanent president of the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC).

Maltock, from Vanuatu, will serve a four-year term.

He assumed the presidency on an interim basis when David Chung of Papua New Guinea stepped down last year, citing personal reasons.

Chung, who had been at the helm since 2011 and was on Fifa’s powerful executive board, was notified on March 1 by football’s global governing body that he had been suspended from all football activities for six-and-a-half years due to violations of ethics rules.

Maltock said that the regional confederation had “undergone immense reforms following the resignation of Mr Chung in 2018 and we believe we are now on the right path to ensuring ethical breaches, like those of the former president, cannot be repeated”.

Maltock was unanimously elected as the permanent chief at the OFC’s congress in Auckland, New Zealand.

“It has not been easy,” he said. “I stand before you all, as humble as I can be, believing that I can help restore Oceania with my capable friends behind me.

“I do not want to go on beyond four years but I want to leave a legacy so our children know that we are a strong Oceania.”

Maltock, who said he was keen to “turn the page”, added in his opening address as the new president that he is focused on securing a second spot for an OFC team at the 2026 Fifa World Cup.