LaLiga unaware of Premier League interest in Tebas

The Premier League’s quest to find a new chief executive to replace Richard Scudamore continues.

Reports yesterday claimed that LaLiga president Javier Tebas was under consideration, but LaLiga has issued a firm denial:

“We are not aware of this supposed interest. That said, if a competition as important as the Premier League is taking note of the work being done by LaLiga, including its president, clubs and employees, it is a source of pride for the entire organization,” a statement from LaLiga said.

“Javier has a contract with La Liga and not only is he happy at La Liga, he also has lot of responsibilities and many challenges to work on with changing the broadcast landscape, the threat of new competitions and format changes that put domestic competition at risk.”

The Premier League has expanded its search beyond the UK since the rejection of the job by Tim Davie, which itself followed the withdrawal of Susanna Dinnage, who had accepted the role but never took up the job.