Italy’s Reset Group launches sports division focused on image rights

Giorgio Chiellini of Juventus celebrates victory after the Serie A match versus Brescia (by Daniele Badolato - Juventus FC/Juventus FC via Getty Images)

Italian agency Reset Group has launched a new division dedicated to sports marketing.

The Milan-based company, which was founded in 2007, has created Reset Marketing with a view to enhancing the revenue-generating potential of footballers, even those outside of its client portfolio.

Reset sees image rights as an underrepresented revenue source for Italian athletes, citing its work with long-time client, Juventus captain Giorgio Chiellini, as an example of what is possible. Carlo Diana, founding partner and general manager of Reset Group, told the Calcio e Finanza website: “In England, the exploitation of image rights could affect about 30 per cent of a player’s income, even if they are not of the highest level.

“In Italy, with very few exceptions, the weight of the remuneration linked to sports performance still hovers around 90 per cent of the total revenue, even for players with great visibility such as those permanently in the national team.

“And yet, as the case of Giorgio Chiellini shows, relying on serious professionals in the sector even in Italy it is possible to obtain results in line with those of the most advanced markets, such as the English or American ones.”

Diana, who led the marketing, sales and sponsorship areas of Juventus for seven years, explained that Reset Marketing has launched as a separate entity from Reset Group to avoid any potential conflicts of interest.

He added: “The work done with Chiellini in the last 10 years is a real case history. Not only because Giorgio is not, and never has been, the classic footballer who makes people talk about them in newspapers and gossip websites, but also because 10 years ago, when we started working together, he was not yet the most decorated champion of today.

“And yet, thanks to a table-based strategy, based on market research to understand Chiellini’s perception among consumers, we were able to immediately close important agreements such as the one with EA who chose Giorgio for two years in a row for the main cover of the famous FIFA video game.”