Investors looking to bring MLB expansion team to Las Vegas

A group of investors is working to bring a Major League Baseball team to Las Vegas, including building a ballpark.

“It’s not a question of whether Vegas is going to get Major League Baseball, it’s a question of when,” claimed Lou Weisbach, a Chicago-area entrepreneur who is heading the group alongside former Cy Young winner Steve Stone.

“We’ve got people who are willing to fund it and are excited about it. We want to actually build a stadium that not only would accommodate a Major League Baseball team but also would accommodate all forms of entertainment and would really be the kind of stadium that you would expect Las Vegas to have.”

Weisbach predicts a stadium would cost north of $1bn (€877m) due to the need to have a retractable roof to protect players and fans from the Nevada summer sun. He added that the project would be privately financed.

During the summer, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred listed Las Vegas as a possible expansion site. A group in Portland is also looking to secure an MLB team.

“My personal thought is we’ll get an NBA team before we get an MLB team,” said Las Vegas mayor Carolyn Goodman. “But you never know because if there’s a passionate owner or a passionate group of owners in a team, and they want what they want and they believe what they believe about the excitement of being in Las Vegas… it’s certainly a real possibility.”

MLB is holding its annual winter meetings in Las Vegas next week.