International World Games Association undergoes rebranding

The International World Games Association (IWGA) has unveiled a new logo as part of plans to begin referring to itself under the moniker of its flagship event.

The IWGA’s 37 member federations have approved the new design of the logo, which now shows the ‘W’ in a more modern style. The logo has been created by JayKay-Designs.

The new logo will be promoted on The World Games website, and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. It will also be used on all flags, roll-ups and advertisements in the future.

“We did not want to create anything from scratch,” Anna Jacobson, the IWGA’s communication officer, said. “In continuing our development, we worked on creating just a restyling of the logo. In the past few years we have worked a lot on strengthening our brand, and we want to build on what we have achieved.”

She added: “We don’t want to compete with the event logos such as the one for The World Games 2021 in Birmingham, Alabama. We wish to co-exist alongside them. At the same time, our logos have to be durable for the upcoming years.

“Although the word ‘association’ is still part of our official label, we will introduce ourselves more often in the future just as The World Games. That’s what we are, all of us, federations and athletes. We are The World Games. It is also easier to communicate and easier to remember.”

The new logo replaces the previous design, which was launched in 2007. It is the fourth time that the IWGA emblem has been updated since the World Games launched in 1981.