Indian Super League to officially replace I-League as India’s top football division

The All India Football Federation will officially make the Indian Super League the country’s top football competition in July this year, a mantle it will take over from the I-League.

The Times of India reports that the change has been due since the ISL’s launch in 2014. It was stipulated in the contract under which the ISL was founded, which was agreed by the AIFF and the ISL’s operator, Football Sports Development Limited. FSDL is a subsidiary of IMG-Reliance, a joint venture between international sports marketing agency IMG and Indian conglomerate Reliance. The change will be formally made at an AIFF executive committee meeting in July.

The AIFF has not fully explained what the move means for the future of the I-League. It has previously said the I-League would be rebranded as League One, and that no promotion or relegation would operate between this new league and the ISL.