IMG seeks to harness social media influencers with Australian venture

The IMG agency has launched a new division in Australia to help brands connect with key social media influencers.

IMG Engage is described as a “results driven” platform that is able to estimate the reach, number of impressions and views a marketing campaign may generate before it goes live.

The agency also said if a campaign does not achieve its estimated targets, then it will utilise a “paid media boosting layer” to deliver “100 per cent cut through” to the audience of each influencer that is selected for a project. In addition, this paid media layer will enable clients to target certain interest groups and competitor audiences via IMG Engage content.

IMG’s talent-base in Australia currently includes a number of high profile sports personalities such as tennis star Nick Kyrgios (pictured).

Jamie Whincup, seven-time champion of Australia’s Supercars Championship motor-racing series, is also managed by IMG, as is swimmer Cameron McEvoy, who won bronze medals for Australia in the 4x100m freestyle and 4x100m medley at the 2016 summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

David Malina, vice-president and head of talent at IMG, told the Mumbrella website: “The differentiation for us in market is it’s really a full service agency as opposed to just an influencer selection platform, once we have gone through the KPI setting, talent selection, there is the on boarding of the talent and then there is the management of the campaign and the content when it is live in market.

“Part of the process is really trying to educate brands and agencies around what are some of the key outcomes they should be looking for with influencer work, subject to what their goals are. Goal setting is a really important part of this process, this acts as a briefing process but it’s also very hands on.”

William Cate, senior manager of digital talent at IMG, also said that IMG Engage will work with both the influencers and brands to create one concise brief that suits both parties and their respective aims.

Cate added: “We do like the creator to create of course but most brands have quite specific ideas about what they want after they have had that re-briefing process with us, they tend to traditionally just book content on platforms or directly with influencers and then hope for the best or they have some sort of strategy they have sent over. With IMG Engage we really get into this is the actual possibility conversation individually with the talent.”