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IFP to launch funding drive for Match Poker expansion

The International Federation of Poker (IFP) has appointed US investment bankers Turnstone Securities to lead a funding drive to develop and expand its digital, non-gambling, team-based Match Poker variant of the game.

The funding will be used to complete the development of its software platform ahead of Match Poker’s roll-out into China, Russia, the US, Brazil and Europe. In Match Poker, traditional cards are replaced by hands dealt to smartphones, with gameplay conducted digitally. All individual and team performance as well as match and league information is recorded and stored centrally.

The IFP is an observer member of the International Mind Sports Association, which is recognised by the International Olympic Committee.

“Match Poker has been developed with the input of sports and technology experts from all over the world,” IFP president and sports marketing veteran Patrick Nally said. “This funding will enable us to accelerate software development and complete our platform ahead of our global roll-out.”