IESF to launch new tournament as global membership grows

The International Esports Federation has revealed plans to launch a ‘World Super League’ alongside its annual Esports World Championship.

IESF has entered into a memorandum of understanding with Tokyo-based Technoblood, under which Technoblood will take responsibility for hosting and operating WSL in coordination with the member nations of IESF.

The newly-launched WSL will host its first international competition in 2021 and expects active participation by national federations as well as esports enthusiasts around the world.

Each participating country will select the most popular titles in each country and host national leagues for each event throughout the year. Once a year, players representing their own nations with the best results in each event will gather for the finals.

IESF has also announced addition of five new nations to its membership. Brunei, Peru, Bosnia and Herzegovina, neighbouring Montenegro and San Marino have all joined the international federation.

Boban Totovski, IESF board member and director of memberships said: “The criteria for IESF affiliation is strict, so we are thrilled that we were able to add these five new nations as members. With additional membership applications processing, we look forward to the continued growth and our work on building the foundations of this global esports ecosystem.”