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Handball Bundesliga signs deal for real-time data collection

Germany’s Handball Bundesliga has partnered with technology solutions provider Kinexon to provide its teams with an innovative chip and sensor network that facilitates real-time data tracking and performance analysis.

The four-year deal will run until June 30, 2023 and follows a successful trial of the technology at this year’s All-Star Game. The Bundesliga said the implementation of the analytic technology is unique for a professional sports league.

From the start of the 2019-20 Bundesliga season, Kinexon will equip all teams with its sensor-based hardware, meaning that all 306 matches will be supported by the technology. The technology will also be used during the Bundesliga’s Super Cup, All Star Game and the deciding match of the Final4.

Clubs will be able to record and analyse movements of players and the ball in real time through a web-based software application. A chip will be placed into players’ jerseys and in a specially-designed bubble inside the game ball. Performance data of each player will be made available in real time via radio.

The data is also set to add value to television broadcasts of Bundesliga matches and drive engagement on social media.

Frank Bohmann, managing director of the Handball Bundesliga, said: “The need to make data available in real time is huge already and will continue to grow. Therefore, real-time tracking for the Bundesliga and for modern handball is an important and necessary step into the digital future.”