Glasgow lands 2017 BWF World Championships

The Badminton World Federation (BWF) has taken the “extraordinary and unanimous step” of awarding its 2017 World Championships to Glasgow following the Scottish city’s failed bid for the same year’s Sudirman Cup national mixed team competition.

The BWF last week awarded the 2017 Sudirman Cup to Australia’s Gold Coast in a move that will take the event to a third continent for the first time in its history. Having lost out on hosting the latter event to Badminton Australia, the BWF elected to offer up another one of its main events, the World Championships, to Scotland. The federation said that the 2017 Championships was open for bidding at the same time as the Sudirman Cup but did not receive “appropriate” bids.

BWF president Poul-Erik Høyer said the BWF Council made the decision after being “thoroughly impressed” by “the very detailed and technically sound bid” which BadmintonScotland submitted for the Sudirman Cup.

Høyer added: “It was obvious how much work and thought was invested in the bid which BadmintonScotland and Glasgow submitted. We were stunned at some of their innovative thinking and the Council felt that, as we still had an option to award the World Championships, we would approach BadmintonScotland and determine if they would be interested in hosting the World Championships in 2017. It’s truly a win-win situation for everyone – and most importantly, for badminton.”

BadmintonScotland chief executive Anne Smillie said: “There is a very pleasing symmetry to this announcement, when one recalls that we staged both the Sudirman Cup and the Individual Championships in 1997 and the Sudirman Cup again in 2007. Having the Individual Championships in 2017 will complete another 10-year cycle of bringing the most prestigious badminton events to Scotland.”

Glasgow’s 6,000-seat Emirates Arena will play host to the 2017 World Championships having been the venue for badminton during this year’s Commonwealth Games. The 2014 World Championships were held in Copenhagen, Denmark from August 25-31. The event will travel to the Indonesian capital of Jakarta next year, but will not be held in 2016 due to the Olympic Games.