General admission fans still paramount, says Legends’ Hampel  

Sports rights-holders must remember that the average fan is the real driver of revenue and quality of experience at live matches, says Legends International president Andrew Hampel.

Speaking at the SportBusiness Decision Makers Summit in London, Hampel said maximising the impact of general admission fans improves match-day atmosphere and can drive revenues across the board.

“If you can keep the general admission price down as a result of what you do elsewhere, that’s a massive win,” said Hampel.

“They create the atmosphere from which everyone else benefits. If our stadiums start being less than full, the atmosphere is going to dissipate, and very quickly that’s going to hit TV rights and other areas.

“You need to have the grassroots fans staying there a long time, enjoying what they’re doing.”

Hampel pointed to the example of the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium as a venue that delivers a “fantastic experience” to all fans, including those on general admission tickets.