The Federation Française de Tennis, organiser of the French Open, and The Ligue de Football Professionnel, organiser of France’s top football league, said they strongly support the copyright infringement class action claims against YouTube and Google. The lead plaintiffs in the case, The Football Association Premier League Limited (“Premier League”) and Bourne Co. (“Bourne”) said that since the filing of the suit, they have been contacted by a large number of copyright holders.

Dan Johnson, Premier League spokesman said, “We are pleased to see other
copyright holders joining us in what we are trying to achieve. They clearly recognise the need to take action against YouTube and Google to protect the value of their rights.”

“The internet is increasingly important as a medium for distribution of entertainment, sports, and other content, but nothing gives YouTube the right to build its business based on the hard work of others without their permission and without payment. We anticipate these latest parties are just the ‘tip of the iceberg’, and more will follow.”

Johnson added, “It is our intention to demonstrate the technology currently being used to take and exploit copyrighted works can be just as effectively used to police and prevent unauthorised posting of creative works. This will allow content owners and creators to choose how their works will be distributed electronically without first being subjected to wide scale infringement on the YouTube site.”

Michel Grach, Media Director for the French Open, said, “We strongly support the efforts to stop YouTube from exploiting copyrighted works without compensation. YouTube hinders our efforts to develop and promote the sport of tennis in the interest of amateur and professional players and fans throughout France and the world through a variety of media, including our own innovative websites.”

Jean-Pierre Hugues, General Manager at the Ligue de Football Professionnel, added, “we support the efforts of the class action to stop YouTube from profiting from the work of our teams and players, and to allow us to fully exploit our own resources so that we can continue to develop French professional soccer for the benefit of our fans around the world.”

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