Four Balkan nations explore joint bid for 2030 World Cup

Following Fifa’s award of the 2026 World Cup to three North American nations, joint bids are becoming more common for the showpiece event.

The latest potential joint bid comes from the Balkans, where Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and Serbia are looking to co-host the 2030 World Cup. The idea was made public at a regional meeting in the Black Sea resort of Varna.

Fifa has not formally opened bidding for 2030, but a joint bid from Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay has already been made public. Uruguay hosted the first World Cup in 1930, and the Centennial event being held in that region is likely to have some sentimental and historical value for voters.

Feasibility studies into a joint British and Irish bid have begun, while Spain and Portugal are reportedly also exploring a joint bid.

It is also believed that Morocco, which lost to North America for the 2026 World Cup, is likely to either bid individually or as part of a joint bid with its North African neighbours.