Formula One seeks to up data provision through Amazon deal

Formula One has signed a new partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), an agreement the motor-racing series says will open up new levels of data access to fans.

AWS, a division of internet company Amazon, will serve as the official cloud and machine learning provider of F1, with the deal commencing for the weekend’s Austrian Grand Prix. Formula One Group will move the vast majority of its infrastructure from on-premises data centres to AWS and standardise on AWS’s machine learning and data analytics services to accelerate its cloud transformation.

Formula One will work with AWS to enhance its race strategies, data tracking systems, and digital broadcasts. F1 will utilise Amazon SageMaker, AWS Lambda and AWS analytics services to uncover what it claims are never-before-seen metrics that will change the way fans and teams enjoy, experience, and participate in racing.

Formula One has also selected AWS Elemental Media Services to power its video asset workflows, enhancing the viewing experience for fans worldwide. Pete Samara, director of innovation and digital technology at Formula One, said AWS technology will also aid its aerodynamics team as they seek to develop the new car design rules for the sport.

An F1 spokesman told the Reuters news agency that the deal was a commercial one with financial benefits for the sport. “Formula One’s got an archive of data, an archive of video and audio; heaps of information,” Samara added. “What AWS is going to allow us to do is unlock the big bucket of content that we’ve got sitting in our archives and leverage it to give the fan a better experience.”

Samara said new and more engaging data-driven graphics will be introduced across all platforms using material dating back to the first championship race in 1950. This information, along with real-time race data, could potentially be tailored to individual requirements.

In a statement, Mike Clayville, vice-president of worldwide commercial sales at AWS, said: “Leveraging the cornucopia of services offered by the world’s leading cloud, Formula One will engage with its growing global fan base in unique ways.

“Formula One’s years of valuable historical race data analysed against the real-time information that is collected in every race using AWS’s machine learning, streaming, and analytics services will uncover new racing metrics and insights that were unimaginable in the past. And, with AWS Elemental Media Services, they will engage their audience through truly differentiated experiences that will thrill generations to come.”