Fifa to retain watch over Greek governing body

World football’s governing body Fifa has said that it will continue to monitor the Hellenic Football Federation (HFF), the game’s governing organisation in Greece, for at least a further year as it seeks to smooth out a troubled period for football in the country.

Fifa effectively seized control of the HFF in October by forming a normalisation committee for the body. This process was set to end with elections on August 18, but Fifa today (Wednesday) confirmed that a monitoring committee will be established to ensure oversight of the operations and processes of the HFF following the elections for a period of at least 12 months.

Fifa said in a statement: “The monitoring committee will have the mandate to monitor the implementation of the revised HFF Statutes and the overall situation of the HFF including the budgeting and finance, to report on and issue recommendations on the functioning of the HFF, and to monitor actions taken as a result of its recommendations.

“The monitoring committee will provide Fifa and Uefa with update reports at least once every two months.”

The HFF’s issues began in earnest in March 2016 when the Greek sports ministry cancelled the Greek Cup final following crowd trouble at a semi-final game. Fifa seeks to clampdown on any form of perceived government interference in the running of the game and threatened to suspend Greece only for the match to be allowed to proceed behind closed doors.

The 2016-17 season was then delayed due to a dispute between the HFF, Greece’s top clubs and the government over the selection of referees.