FIFA president Sepp Blatter has sent a letter to the members of the executive outlining his suggestions for revamping the process. The meeting is on August 3.
Calls for an overhaul of the selection procedure have increased since last Thursday’s controversial vote in which the World Cup was awarded to Germany ahead of South Africa.
Germany won the vote 12-11, bringing the World Cup back to Europe just eight years after it was staged in France. Africa has yet to host soccer’s showcase event.
In a press statement, Blatter repeated comments he made at the media conference following the vote, stressing that FIFA should not repeatedly grant the World Cup to the same continents and should entrust its flagship competition to different confederations, in compliance with a method that has yet to be defined.
Points to be discussed at the meeting include the possibility of rotating the World Cup from continent to continent and limiting the number of candidates per confederation.
The executive will also look into the possibility of simultaneously designating the organisation of two consecutive World Cups.