FIBT to introduce mixed-gender bobsleigh teams

The International Bobsleigh and Tobogganing Federation (FIBT) has announced it will allow mixed-gender teams in its four-man bobsleigh discipline.

Mixed teams are set to compete in FIBT events including the Europa Cup Series, North American Cup Series, World Cup Series and World Championships from this season onwards.

Ivo Ferriani, FIBT president, said: “We follow the spirit and movements of our time. There is a strong belief in the FIBT that men and women can compete together in four-man. Therefore the Executive Committee decided to support equal opportunities for men and women in that discipline.”

Canada’s two-time Olympic champion Kaillie Humphries (pictured) has already stated her desire to pilot a four-man bobsleigh pushed by three male team-mates during the upcoming campaign.

A four-woman team competition is currently not included at the winter Olympic Games but the FIBT is yet to finalise qualification criteria for the 2018 edition in PyeongChang, South Korea.

The FIBT sanctioned demonstration races from women as a team of four at this year’s World Championships, North America Cup and US trials.