Fiba set to lift Russian federation ban

The International Basketball Federation (Fiba) is set to lift the suspension it placed on the Russian Basketball Federation (RBF), according to a senior executive from the sport’s global governing body.

Fiba suspended the RBF and Russia’s national teams in late July. Reports stated that the suspension was due to Russian courts interfering with the running of the organisation, which Fiba felt undermined its transparency.

Upon hearing a report from the RBF, the Russian Ministry of Sport and the Russian Olympic Committee in August, Fiba opted to grant Russian athletes the right to partake in upcoming Fiba events, which permitted the country to compete in September’s EuroBasket national team tournament.

Fiba decided to uphold the suspension handed out to RBF itself. However, Kosta Iliev, Fiba sports director for Europe, said the sanctions are set to be lifted early next year after a charter was drafted with the RBF.

“We worked on the draft of a new charter together with the RBF and Sports Ministry,” Iliev told Russian news agency Tass. “It was necessary to lift sanctions. This will happen at the organisation’s session in January.”

“The International Basketball Federation has ordered some changes to be made and we took this into account,” added RBF president Andrey Kirilenko, who also stated that the Russian Justice Minister was involved in drawing up the charter.