Fiba Europe confirms legal action against Euroleague

The Fiba Europe division of basketball’s governing body, Fiba, has confirmed it is taking legal action against the Euroleague continental club tournament.

In a statement following Fiba Europe’s latest board meeting in Malta, the body confirmed that “the legal procedure against Euroleague Properties SA for outstanding payments since 2012 has now been initiated, as requested by the Board of Fiba Europe at its previous meeting.”

Last month, the clubs that are shareholders of the Euroleague Commercial Assets organisation, reiterated their opposition to Fiba’s plans to instigate calendar reform and called for further talks with the global governing body to find a “suitable solution.” In April, Europe’s principal domestic leagues wrote to Fiba to criticise proposed changes to the international calendar in 2017 and call upon the global governing body of basketball to involve clubs in “all decisions that have an impact on their activity.”

Following the Fiba Europe board meeting, the body said that it had reaffirmed its support for the reorganisation of all club competitions, including regional leagues, across the continent.

“Fiba Europe together with Fiba are currently working on plans to remodel the European club competitions landscape and they are in dialogue with the clubs, fans, sponsors, broadcasters and other stakeholders about the future of basketball in Europe,” Fiba Europe said. “Fiba Europe and Fiba believe that those reforms are essential in order to ensure that basketball remains relevant on the old continent and grows again, so that domestic championships and basketball clubs are provided with a sound business model and they enjoy greater participation in future decision-making processes within the Fiba structure.”

Fiba Europe added: “Those reforms are also fundamental in order to ensure that the European basketball family operates in harmony and is ready for the new calendar which comes into effect in 2017. As part of this process, the board of Fiba Europe acknowledged that it does not serve the interests of the clubs and the sport itself to have three club competitions in Europe and has agreed to explore ways of how to address that issue.”