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Fiba and Genius Sports extend data partnership into third decade

Basketball’s world governing body Fiba has extended its data and technology partnership with Genius Sports into a third decade.

The two parties have worked together  for the past 15 years and, the partnership has been central to the data company’s development during that time. The exact length of the extension was not disclosed but SportBusiness understands it will run for at least five years.

The extension allows the further development and adoption of a range of services provided to Fiba by Genius. These include Fiba Organizer, a digital competition management tool, and Fiba LiveStats, the courtside play-by-play data collection system used at more than 85,000 games a year around the world.

The data captured by Fiba Livestats provides fans with enhanced match data and creates new commercial opportunities for leagues and federations. The data can be used across multiple platforms including websites, mobile apps, OTT and fantasy sports as well as to enhance propositions to sponsors.

The arrangement sees Fiba delivering the services to its members while Genius is able to monetise the data it collects  – depending on the contractual environment in individual markets.

Fiba secretary general Andreas Zagklis sees live data as ‘crucial’ to the further growth of the sport.

“Basketball is a data-rich sport and it’s part of our DNA. Basketball fans follow games on the play-by-play describing each action, they read box scores like it’s the story of the game,” he said.

“In addition, the data feeds into television graphics, in arena screens, online apps etc. and greatly improves the fan experience. From a sport development perspective, data is crucial to help players and coaches improve their game.

“This partnership with Genius enables us and the large majority of our stakeholders to access to a state-of-the-art technology that forms an integral part of our competition delivery and national federation development.

Having these tools being widely used on a global level also significantly enhances the Fiba brand.”

The two parties said the partnership also underscores a commitment to integrity and eradicating data piracy. They indicated they will work closely together to prevent the collection of unofficial data from Fiba events. They said this will provide federations and leagues with optimum control over their data and enable them to maintain its commercial value as well as strengthening the integrity of competitions.

Genius Group chief executive Mark Locke said that company would introduce new innovations later this year promising these would drive “the next stage of digital transformation and data analytics for leagues and federations at all levels of basketball”.