Euroleague introduces innovative second-screen app

Euroleague Basketball, which organises continental club competitions in Europe, has partnered with social media and data analytics company HEED to launch a new digital platform that will seek to enhance fan engagement during the top-tier EuroLeague tournament.

The platform will use artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) technology and has been launched this week to coincide with the start of the EuroLeague Playoffs.

HEED uses sensors, cameras and data analytics to identify exciting moments within a game, generate new insights and deliver content in near real-time directly to fans’ mobile devices. Fans can download HEED on iOS and Android devices.

HEED will utilise media and data collection elements that exist in EuroLeague arenas alongside other special sensors deployed by the company. These data sources will be combined with AI technology that analyses game dynamics in a way that is not otherwise visible to fans.

During this year’s EuroLeague Playoffs, players and coaches will be fitted with sensor-equipped ‘smart shirts’ under their kit, with every arena to feature IoT cameras and sensors, including facial recognition technology. The cameras and sensors will gather never-before-captured data, which HEED will then fuse into bite-sized creative moments.

Euroleague Basketball president and chief executive Jordi Bertomeu said: “EuroLeague is one of the world’s most progressive, digital leaders in sports, and we are thrilled to be making a breakthrough in sports technology by partnering with HEED. EuroLeague is proud to be the very first sports league incorporating wearable sensors, in such scale, during live games to enhance the fan experience.”

HEED co-founder Mati Kochavi added: “The world is becoming more and more connected thanks to incredible advancements in IoT and AI. HEED is utilising these technologies to change sports forever, beginning with EuroLeague Basketball.

“By measuring previously imperceptible information about human emotion, energy, and engagement of coaches, players, and spectators, as well as physical insights of the best plays, HEED is revolutionising the fan experience one sports entity at a time, starting with EuroLeague.”

HEED also holds partnerships with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) mixed martial arts series and Professional Bull Riders (PBR), with new agreements within the world of sport set to be announced soon. HEED is a joint venture between AGT International and Endeavor, parent company of the UFC and PBR.