Euroleague Basketball makes commitment to integrity through new partnership

Euroleague Basketball has agreed a long-term integrity partnership with Sport Integrity Monitor (SportIM) which will lead to the launch of a monitoring system that will be the first of its kind in the sport.

Through a combination of educational workshops and comprehensive monitoring of global betting markets, SportIM will assist Euroleague Basketball in preventing match fixing and spot fixing in all Euroleague, Eurocup and Euroleague Basketball U18 Tournament games from the 2015-16 season onwards.

As part of the deal, Euroleague Basketball will benefit from access to SportIM’s state-of-the-art basketball monitoring system and team of integrity analysts and education specialists.

The SportIM basketball monitoring system has exclusive access to live game data from over 35,000 events per year, more than a decade’s worth of historic basketball data and live and historic odds from the global betting market. It processes and monitors these datasets and its algorithms identify anomalies in real time.

Eduard J. Scott, chief operating officer of Euroleague Basketball, said: “We look forward to the two-fold approach, utilising SportIM’s pioneering basketball monitoring system as well as co-organising educational workshops for all of the relevant participants and stakeholders in our competitions. We are confident that this relationship will minimise the threat of match and spot fixing whilst ensuring that all Euroleague Basketball games can withstand the strictest scrutiny.”

Mark Locke, chief executive of Sport Integrity Monitor, added: “We are pleased that Euroleague Basketball has taken a proactive approach to managing integrity and are implementing measures to prevent match fixing and corruption. Sadly, many sports governing bodies act reactively once issues occur and the damage is often done at this point. We have made significant investment in our unique basketball integrity system and we are excited to launch it in partnership with an organisation as committed to sports integrity as Euroleague Basketball.”