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Electronic Arts makes major move into eSports

US video games giant Electronic Arts has launched a new initiative that will facilitate global eSports competitions across some of its biggest titles.

Peter Moore, who has been named the company’s new executive vice-president and chief competition officer, will head the EA Competitive Gaming Division (CGD). Some of the major titles that will feature in the division include EA Sports’ Fifa, Madden NFL and Battlefield series.

In a statement, EA Sports’ chief executive Andrew Wilson outlined three “core pillars” that the division will be built around: competition, community and entertainment.

Wilson (pictured) hopes the three core pillars will, respectively, enable the CGD to “create highly-engaging competitive experiences with our games, officially supported by Electronic Arts; celebrate, connect and grow our community of players across all levels of expertise; and develop live events and broadcasting that bring the spectacle of competition to millions of people around the world.”

Wilson confirmed that Moore would continue in his current role as chief operating officer at EA during 2016 before taking on his job within the CGD on a full-time basis. Moore has in the past worked on such initiatives as the Fifa Interactive World Cup and the EA Sports Challenge Series, which have both proved immensely popular with gamers.

Speaking to the IGN website, Moore said: “We’re already very engaged with our development teams around the world to make sure our games have got modes that lend themselves very well to competitive gaming, built in from the get-go. Not as something that’s put in as an add-on mode or a last-minute afterthought.

“There are things you don’t need any more that are going to be replaced by eSports modes. And I’m not saying you’re cutting things out of the game. But our (development) teams look at engagement every step of the way, and there are things that just don’t get played. The data doesn’t lie. So you eliminate that, and you put whatever resources were against that, and put them toward something people are going to engage with.”

Joining Moore on the CGD will be Todd Stirin, who has been named EA Sports’ senior vice-president and the division’s general manager.

“Todd is an EA veteran, whose distinguished 14-year career here has included leading our global marketing teams as well as driving marketing and strategy for EA Sports,” Wilson added. “Todd will lead strategy and operations for the CGD, working closely with our development studios to create an exciting competitive platform in our games.”

Further details of the CGD will be released in the coming months.