Meeting with CARICOM Heads of Government last Thursday in Trinidad, he said 2006 will be critical to the event and that the link between governments and their LOCs in the nine Host Venues will have a significant impact on the delivery of many aspects of the tournament.

“The LOCs require increasing support from and access to government officials in their countries, in order to expedite and implement fundamental components of the ICC CWC 2007 plan. The importance of such cooperation cannot be overestimated, especially from key ministries and government agencies in the Host Venues,” said Dehring.

Acknowledging that there are some challenges – in particular areas such as venue development, sunset legislation and accommodations – he said there have been varying ranges of progress on these matters across the nine Host Venues.

“We are already seeing greater government involvement in Barbados and Guyana, with guarantees that setbacks regarding certain deliverables will be promptly addressed and that their Cricket World Cup commitments will be completed on time. This sense of urgency is necessary across the region.

“The Heads of Government recognise there is substantial work ahead of us and that each of the 390 days until the Opening Ceremony must count. Everyone remains fully committed to the region hosting the Best Cricket World Cup Ever and is working steadily towards this goal.”