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Chinese Football Association forms club finance task force

(Lintao Zhang/Getty Images)

The Chinese Football Association is setting up a ‘working group’ to investigate financial problems at the country’s clubs.

Many of China’s professional clubs have faced financial problems in recent years, with several failing to pay wages and struggling for survival. News service Beijing Youth Daily reported that the working group will employ finance, tax and legal experts to tackle the situation.

This week, Xinhua reported that players from Liaoning Hongyun in League 1 complained the club had forged their signatures on documents confirming that their wages had been paid. Last year, the CFA demanded that clubs provide documentary proof they had paid players and staff, or face disqualification from competitions.

The working group is the latest in a series of moves on club finances by the CFA. Last year, it introduced new financial regulations including a salary cap and new policies on foreign players, naturalised players and transfers. In 2017, it introduced heavy taxes on overseas transfers to curb spending on foreign stars.