Chinese clubs complete LaLiga fact-finding trip

Fifteen Chinese football clubs have completed a fact-finding mission to Spain to learn more about LaLiga.

Chinese Super League vice-president Yan Peixue told the Xinhua news agency that the clubs visited various LaLiga clubs, including Real Madrid, Atlético Madrid and Getafe, and observed matchday management, as well as broadcast coverage operations.

“LaLiga is a long-established competition, and its history is unmatched, but we can learn a lot from its business organisation, including the creation of a business environment between clubs,” Yan said.

“In 2004, the average CSL crowd size was 10,600. That figure now stands at 24,068. Next year, we have set ourselves the goal of continuing to close the gap between the CSL and other major championships.”

LaLiga’s head of international development, Óscar Mayo, added: “Through our experience in Spain and abroad, we can offer advice on competition, safety, pitch maintenance and more, and at the same time, learn from the best practices of clubs in different countries.”

LaLiga’s vice-general manager for China, Zhang Le, said that the fact-finding visit represented a “mutual learning process”, with the Spanish body also holding ambitions of expanding its footprint across Asia.